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Ikigai Notes Life Planner

Ikigai Notes: Journal & Life Planner – “Your Life in Your Pocket”

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Are you always struggling to balance time for your work, your relationships, and your interests?

Discover the power of Journaling and Life Planning that makes you engage with all three of your Life Tasks on equal terms…

Introducing, Ikigai Notes — a True “Mobile” Journal & Life Planner for Creators, Professionals, and Artists



Ikigai Notes (IN) Features

Well, we get it. A lot of people want to know all the features and functions of our Life Tasks Planner before they buy it. I know since I tend to be that way too. I do my due diligence first before I take out my credit card from my IN (yes, IN works as a light wallet too).

So if you really want to have a showdown, here is the list of features and benefits that IN brings to the table:

Features & Functions

  • Light & Mobile – with 9.5 x 18.5 x 1.5cm dimension, and at 100g weight, take IN with you anywhere you go.
  • Card Holder – IN has four credit card pockets, use it as your main wallet!
  • Easy Goal Setting – easily set your goals, concretely and step-by-step
  • Time blocking – there is a nifty weekly scheduler that you can use to time block similar tasks.
  • Vacation Tracker – reset time and a new environment can be a source of new energy and inspiration.
  • Habit Tracker – if you are to be effective and consistent you’ll need to develop good habits.
  • Checklists – we included a checklist that you could refer to so you’ll get you up and running in no time.
  • Self-evaluator – IN includes a weekly self-evaluation tool for you to get a general feel of your week.
  • Full One-year Planner – no need to buy four separate planners, IN comes with a full year 54-week planner.

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Why Do These Matter?

  • Adds to your confidence – Ikigai Planner’s mobile size, elegant style, and wallet function will make you want to bring it with you anywhere you go. Having IN with you is like having a buddy or a muse that’s always there for you, rooting for you.
  • Makes you more decisive – having to know your values, your life vision, your goals, and the tasks at hand, you will have clarity of mind. This will make you be decisive when faced with issues and difficult situations in the future.
  • Enhances your creativity – having a medium onto which you could pour your ideas and thoughts into, you’ll practice your brain and enhance your creativity
  • Encourages you to succeed in life – to be successful in life you only need to do three things. First, improve yourself; second, build meaningful relationships; third, do good work that contributes to the world. Ikigai Planner shows you the path to a successful meaningful life, the path to your Ikigai in life. Are you willing to go deeper into the forest?

How to set Vision, Life Tasks, Goals, and Tasks

Ikigai Notes is a life tasks planner that you can use to clarify your life vision, set your long-term goals, and manage your daily life tasks. It is based on the concept of Ikigai. In Japan, Ikigai is a concept of happiness and well-being that points to the things that are worth living for you. Simply put Ikigai is something that gives you purpose in this world. So how do you find your Ikigai in life?

Our method is simple: you just need to actively deal with your three life tasks every day: Self, Relations, and Work.

If you deal with your life tasks head-on every day, then you’re on the way to discovering your Ikigai in life. And you do not have to worry about the past or what the future may bring, you just live your life according to what you set up to do every day for your life tasks. It’s a fresh take on the subject of life planning.

Our revolutionary Stack Method for life planning and Goal Setting is so simple you can’t miss a thing even if it’s your first time.

Who is Ikigai Notes for?

Ikigai Notes are for people who want to find or clarify their Ikigai in life. Usually, these people are shapers, leaders, managers, budding entrepreneurs, educators, high-achievers, givers, volunteers, creators, seekers, architects, artists, and those who are tired of living fake lives.

One of the most important values for Ikigai seekers is courage –the courage to be just our normal selves, the courage to be independent and to live life as we see fit, without seeking approval or validation from others.

In this era where a number of “likes” or a number of “♥️” from others has become the measure of self-worth, here is a tool for real people who are not seeking superficial validation to stroke their egos. Ikigai Notes will make you improve yourself on your own terms, encourages you to build meaningful relationships with real people in front of you, and motivates you to do good work that actually makes a difference in this world.

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Reviews and Praises for Ikigai Notes

But don’t take our word for it. Check out what others has to say about Ikigai Notes:

“I bring my journal anywhere I go.”

We’ll update this section as soon as we get our customer’s feedback. In the meantime, you could see our successful Kickstarter campaign for Ikigai Notes below.

As featured on Kickstarter

Check out our original Kickstarter campaign so you’ll understand the background during the development phase of Ikigai Notes. As I wrote in that campaign, IN is all about empowering you to regain back your courage:

  • the courage to choose your own destiny
  • the courage to engage in deep relationships and love unconditionally
  • the courage to contribute your best to this world

See our successful Kickstarter campaign here:
Kickstarter Ikigai Notes “Life Purpose” Planner & Journal


Feedback and Comments

Will Ikigai Notes be a good fit for you? You’re the only one who can decide that for yourself. Having said that, you don’t need to use every feature and function of IN, you can use it however you see fit, and according to your purpose.  We’d love to get your comments and feedback on how we can improve IN. Please use our Contact Page to send us your warm messages and feedback. Or you could connect with us on our Facebook Page and on Twitter.

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