Saturday , March 9 2024


Why Rejection is A Good Thing

Triump Over Rejection

I know what you’re thinking. “What’s the point of putting myself out there if there’s no way I can get what I want anyway?” So what do you do instead? You slack off. You tuck your tails behind your legs and you declare “surrender.” Then you hate and curse the …

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Trains, Swimwear, and Kindness


I know what you’re thinking, what do trains and swimwear got to do with kindness? Let me tell you a story. This morning I wanted to catch the express train so that I could come to work early and finish early. After taking a quick shower, I was readying myself …

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How to Teach Your Children Respect

respecting children

What is Respect? Do we really understand respect enough to practice it properly ourselves. Are we really teaching respect to our children, or are we confusing it with admiration or fear of authority?  Growing up as the youngest of 5 siblings, people often said to me, “respect your elder.” I …

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