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Ikigai Notes Planner with Boxes

4 Main Features Of Ikigai Notes Planner That Make it Stand Out From The Rest

So you’re looking for a planner to finally take control of your life this time around. Well, there are many planners out there to choose from, but Ikigai Notes (IN) might just be the life planner you need to help get your life in order and perhaps discover your “ikigai” along the way.

What makes Ikigai Notes different from other planners out there? To put it simply, IN is the only planner out there that’s based on the true concept of Ikigaiーthe Japanese concept of achieving a state of well-being and happiness by doing something that’s “worth living” for us. IN’s unique layout and features encourage users to engage in what’s really “worth living.” In the planner we call this our Life Tasks and there are three of them: to improve one’s Self; to build meaningful Relations; and to engage in meaningful Work.

It’s simple really. If we just consistently work on our Life Tasks we’ll have a more balanced harmonious life, which is the true essence of Ikigai. However, there is more to IN that you need to know to really appreciate why it’s the best planner for you. So to expand on this, the following will enumerate four game-changing features of Ikigai Notes planner that make it stand out among all other planners out there.

Revolutionary Life Planner

IN’s goal-setting framework is based on the true concept of Ikigai which is often correlated to happiness and longevity. Don’t believe me? How about you check out Dan Buettner’s TED talk on “How to live to be 100+.” In the talk, Buettner connects Japanese people’s longevity to their Ikigai way of living. As you can see, IN is not just your run-of-the-mill planner out there. IN was develop from the ground up with unique concepts and framework that no other planner has.

What does your life look like in 3 to 5 years? Ikigai Notes planner has a dedicated space where you can sketch your Life Vision or the overall life image/scenario that you aim to realize in the future. There are three things you need to do to achieve your life vision. Can you guess what they are? You got it. They’re non other than the Life Tasks that we already mentioned above. These are universal life tasks and in the planner we simply call them Self, Relations, and Work:

  • Self – a life task that deals with the improvement of the individual self. You can’t pour from an empty cup so everything needs to start with the Self. Pursuits based on Self produce a sense of personal achievement and self-actualization.
  • Relations – a life task that deals with building and improving relations with others. The target is not others, but our connection with others. Successfully dealing with this task induces a sense of belonging and community identity.
  • Work – a life task that benefits others and often involves getting some form of remuneration but not always. It induces the feeling that we contribute to others and that therefore we matter.

In the planner we heavily use the concept of Life Tasks to encourage our users to be aware of them and to proactively engage them in their daily life. The main idea is that if we just deal with our Life Tasks consistently and wholeheartedly, our life will definitely change for the better.

Mobile and Sleek Design

Ikigai Notes at the Restaurant

Ikigai Notes planner is the only fully-featured life planner out there that you can put inside your pocket. Mind you, all the essentials of a great planner/journal are here, but without the bloat and cliches that are too common in usual planners. Take it with you literally anywhere you goーwe promise you won’t look like a dork doing so.

IN is also a fully-pledge journal. Well, you can’t write a novel on it, but you can write your thoughts, reflect on your day, brainstorm ideas, doodle or draft your next product using IN’s Daily page. Since we designed IN so you can take it with you anywhere you go, you’ll never forget a dream or a great idea ever again.

Bring it with you literally anywhere you goーat the coffee shop, to the mountains when you go on hiking, or outside when you go for a walk or go on errands. Of course, you can put it beside your bed when you sleep for instant note-taking when you suddenly have that illusive dream of yours.

Planner with Built-in Wallet

How to make yourself bring your planner/journal wherever you go? Make it your wallet too. The cover of Ikigai Notes acts as a wallet and you can put at least four credit cards or IDs on the side and you can slip in a few bills and receipts too. The planner is portable and fits inside your pocket or purse. The three functions, planner-journal-wallet, reinforce each other. You’d be hard-pressed to part with your IN ever again.

Imagine a simple scenario. It’s lunch time and you have to go outside to get lunch. Of course you can bring both your bulky wallet and big planner with you, but you’d probably need a small bag to do so. Or you can just leave your planner and just bring your bulky wallet with you. But you’re supposed to carry you planner/journal with you at all times. Now you’re faced with a dilemma. Imagine that. You’re just going out for lunch but you’re forced to spend precious energy just to decide what to bring.
IN solves this dilemma for you by integrating a light wallet function on its cover. Leave your bulky wallet inside your bag for backup, but use IN for your light but main wallet function. Here’s our recommended configuration: your main credit card (1 slot), your drivers license ID (1 slot), you main bank cash card (1 slot), any member’s card you often use (1 slot), and a few bills.
Now you can go light and fast without the added stress. This alone is worth the price of the most expensive planner out there. With IN, not only do have your wallet with you, your journal/planner is also inside for quick checking and note-taking. What’s more, you get to do all of it in style!

Ikigai Notes User Support

Ikigai Notes Planner Support

Ikigai Notes is not just a planner, a journal, or a wallet, it’s the whole experience! We don’t just provide you the planner and then leave it all up to you. We intend to provide value to our users all the way through the experience. From self-awareness, goal-settings, improvement, to ikigai discovery, we will provide continuous support to IN users. To name a few, IN provides the following small touches of support:

  • Concepts, annotations, and tips on how to use IN effectively
  • Life advice to effectively deal with your three Life Tasks
  • Sample checklists on how to go about your day, your week, and your 4-month review
  • Weekly evaluation that gives you feedback on your short-term performance
  • Performance evaluation of the last 4 months, and self-evaluation of your overall life situation
  • Web support. Through our blog and FB page we intend to expand on IN’s concepts, values, and principles

And this is just the beginning. We have many plans for Ikigai Notes, but we’ll reserve that topic for another post. For now, it’s enough for you to know that we are in this for the long haul. IN was founded with the thought of giving value and improving the lives of our users, and we give our word that we’ll continue walking on this direction in each of our waking days.


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