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Ikigai Notes Life Planner

Quick Check: Do you need Ikigai Notes Life Planner for 2022?

The year is about to close and a new one is about to start. 2022 brings that ray of hope as we slowly return to normalcy. In short, the storm has passed and it is time to bring plans into action. But do you need a Life Planner for that? This article will attempt to answer that question.

Although there is a myriad of apps and gadgets that can help manage our daily tasks and schedule, a physical planner is a nifty tool to jumpstart your productivity. There is plenty of research that proves that the act of writing down your plans, to-do lists, and goals will make you feel more engaged and committed to the tasks.

Ikigai Notes is a new and revolutionary planner that sets itself from the pack as it enables users to discover their “Ikigai” or “something worth living for”. Are you looking for a new planner to kickstart 2022?

Do you want to be more organized and productive?

Not everyone needs to time block and list each and every task everyday. Ikigai Notes‘ Daily Page enables you to focus on the most important tasks. There is no need to micro-manage your day down to a single mundane task. This is where prioritization comes in. Which tasks are urgent and must be completed? Identifying the three key tasks for the day and completing those means you already won the day.

Do you want a clear direction on how to reach your goals?

There is only one way to know if you are progressing with your goals. That is evaluating your performance whether you have reached your milestones. Ikigai Notes planner enables users to evaluate their performance weekly and at the end of four months.

On Sundays, you can evaluate your week by checking whether you’re completing your tasks. On the Weekly Performance table, you can add up the number of tasks you completed and your daily ratings. Then you can assess whether you did a great job this week or if improvement is needed.

The 1-year Ikigai Notes planner is divided into three to make it more convenient to carry and use. Thus, it is equipped with a 4-month review page. Here you can evaluate your performance with regards to your goals in terms of your Self, Relations, and Work. In the middle of the left page, there is a Life Situation evaluator where you can rate your situation objectively from 1~10.

You can also log the areas where improvement is needed and reflect on your goals if they lead to your life’s vision. Moreover, you can list new strategies and principles for your three life tasks.

Do you want to develop good habits?

If you are planning to adopt new habits, the Ikigai Notes planner is a perfect tool to make sure you follow through to the end. The habit tracker in IN is inspired by BJ Fogg’s Tiny Habits model and it encourages its users to start “small” or start with the “Easy Version” of the habit first when trying to adopt a new behavior. Here is a helpful guide in using the Ikigai Notes habit tracker.

Do you want to manage and improve your mental health?

Taking care of your mental health is vital so you have the drive to achieve your goals. The IN planner is equipped with a mood tracker, which is the foundation

for taking care of one’s mental health. Moreover, users are encouraged to write morning/evening reflections on the daily page. Reflecting is a good daily habit that will help you develop your skills and review your efficiency. You can analyse your actions like what you did and why and how you did it. Also, you can decide whether there is a better way to do things in the future.

Reflection allows the brain to pause and untangle your thoughts, observations and experiences, and to create meaning. It is easy to dwell on failures and mistakes. Reflecting everyday allows you to celebrate every little success. It makes you realize what you did right and where you can further improve everyday.

Do you need a life planner that is light and portable?

Are you tired of big and bulky planners? Wouldn’t it be great if you can have a full-featured life planner/journal you can take with you anywhere you go (without looking like a dork)?

Ikigai Notes life planner is slim and small in size (9.5cm x 18.5cm x 1.5cm) compared to regular planners out there. In fact it’s so small it fits in your pocket or purse.

Not only that, the cover has four credit card slots so you can use it as your main light wallet. And you can also insert a few bills and receipts on the side.

You can leave your bulky wallet inside your bag for backup. We assume you’ve got so many things stuffed in there that you don’t have a choice but to keep your bulky wallet. However, IN is capable and can become your “light main wallet”–or the one you’d bring with you at a moment’s notice. The one you’d not be embarassed to show openly around. Try it! The experience will make you light-hearted, not to mention highly satisfying.

Do you want to discover your life’s purpose?

As its name suggests, Ikigai Notes is inspired by the Japanese concept of Ikigai, which means our “reason to be alive” in this world. Working on your three life tasks will enable you to discover your Ikigai. Some planners may be great for managing your work tasks with features like a time schedule that allow you to log every appointment by the hour. But there is more to life than schedules and to-do lists. In order to be a well-rounded individual and achieve perfect harmony, one must work on their three life tasks: Self, Relations, and Work.

Ikigai Notes allows you to set goals in these three aspects of your life using your core values and guiding principles. These values will be the foundation of your Life Vision or the overall image/scenario that you want to realize in the future. Moreover, the IN planner lets you break down these goals into milestones and further down into key tasks that you can easily track.

If you answer yes to most of the above questions, you may need a new planner for the upcoming year. Ikigai Notes is a no-nonsense planner created for people who want to improve their lives for the better.

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